Wilderness Shoot

Formal Steadicam Training

I have realized the value in formal training with the innovators and leaders in each specialty, and Steadicam is no different. 

I have received extensive hands-on training in Steadicam operation at the Lake Arrowhead, California Steadicam Workshop. Worked with Lead instructor, Jerry Holway (the person that wrote the "BOOK"  (Steadicam Operator's Handbook).  I also received training from operator and instructors Charles Papert and Peter Abraham. Training techniques included;  high, low and long mode operating; dynamic balancing; inertial control and augmentation; safety procedures; vehicle mounts, ATV mounts, dolly mounts and other wheeled/mobile mounting. I have received the best Steadicam instruction in the world from some of the best instructors in the world at the Lake Arrowhead Steadicam workshops.